Annual Report 2010:


1.      Diagnosis of the Seismic Vulnerability of Buildings at Dhaka Using Non-Destructive Resting.

2.      Evaluation of Fire Fighting System at High-Rise Buildings in Dhaka City.

3.      Microtremor H/V Technique for Site Response Analysis.

4.      Vulnerability Assessment of Public Buildings in Old town.

5.      Installation of Earthquake Monitoring System for Bangladesh.

6.      Characteristics of Microtremor for a 110 MW Power Plant in South Western Region of Bangladesh.

7.      Seismic Vulnerability assessment of Educational Buildings in OLD Dhaka.

8.      Mason Training Program.

9.      Workshops, Seminars and Training courses.


Annual Report 2009:


1.      Seismic Microzonation of Cox’s Bazaar Municipal Area.

2.      Earthquake Vulnerability Assessment at Old Dhaka ( Word No. 68).

3.      Strong Motion Monitoring System in Bangladesh: 2007 to 2011.

4.      Geophysical Survey at Srimangal Area, Sylhet.

5.      Analysis of Climate Change Phenomena in Bangladesh.

6.      Workshops, Seminars and Meetings.


Annual Report 2008

  • Part I: Post Disaster Survey Sidr
  • Part-II: Rain induced Hill-Slope Erosion/ Landslide and Probable Control Measure in Chittagong Hilly areas.
  • Part-III: MacroSeismic Survey of Two Recent Earthquakes (Rajshahi & Mymensingh)
  • Part-IV: Training Program for Masons: How to Build Earthquake Resistant Buildings
  • Part-V: Strong Motion Monitoring System in Bangladesh (March, 2008 - February, 2009)
  • Part-VI: Rethinking the Public Building as Post Disaster Shelters--in the context of old Dhaka
  • Part-VII: Earthquake Vulnerability Reduction Strategies for Unplanned Urban Areas
  • Part-VIII: Mason Training Manual

Annual Report 2007

  • Part I: School Earthquake Safety Program (SESP) in Old Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Part-II: Earthquake Evacuation Plan for Old Dhaka, Bangladesh (Ward No-68)
  • Part-III: Strong Motion Monitoring System in Bangladesh
  • Part-IV: Symposium and Seminars organized by BNUS and 60 years Celebration of Engineering Education in Bangladesh

Report 2006

  • Evaluation of the Seismic Vulnerability of Buildings in Bangladesh using Non-Destructive Testing -Micro tremor Measurements and Ferro scan (March 2007)
  • Proceeding of the 6th International Conference 'USMCA 2007’