Ongoing Projects on 2021

·         Study of Building Response of Masonry Structure.

·         Vulnerability Assessment against Fire in Old Dhaka.

·         Determination of Embankment Characteristics using 100MHz GPR.

·         Determination Shear wave velocity using 3D Microtremor array Method.

·         Determination of liquefaction potential, Strain Vs Shear modulus ratio and strain Vs damping ratio of Rooppur Nuclear power plant.

Previous Projects Of BNUS

·         Seismic Vulnerability assessment of Educational Buildings in OLD Dhaka.

·         Characteristics of Microtremor for a 110 MW Power Plant in South Western Region of Bangladesh.

·         Installation of Earthquake Monitoring System for Bangladesh.

·         Vulnerability Assessment of Public Buildings in Old town.

·         Microtremor H/V Technique for Site Response Analysis.

·         Evaluation of Fire Fighting System at High-Rise Buildings in Dhaka City.

·         Diagnosis of the Seismic Vulnerability of Buildings at Dhaka Using Non Resting.

·         Workshops, Seminars and Meetings.

·         Analysis of Climate Change Phenomena in Bangladesh.

·         Geophysical Survey at Srimangal Area, Sylhet.

·         Strong Motion Monitoring System in Bangladesh: 2007 to 2011.

·         Earthquake Vulnerability Assessment at Old Dhaka ( Word No. 68).

  • Evacuation plans for different wards of Dhaka city
  • Rethinking the public building as post disaster shelter in the context of old Dhaka.
  • Evaluation Of Concrete Bridges and Flyovers Of Dhaka
  • School Base Earthquake Safety Awareness Program: Seminars, First aid short course, mock drill
  • Earthquake Vulnerability Assessment Of Buildings Using RVS method
  • Evaluation Of public Building by Turkish Level I and Level II method
  • Earthquake Monitoring Activities in Bangladesh
  • Building Evaluation With Respect to Earthquake Vulnerability using RVS method
  • Organized Different Workshops, Training programs, Seminars and Conferences on urban safety issues.